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SpotIntroducing compelling spots
in Okayama

Mt. Kinojo(Kinojo Castle)

Architecture/Japan Heritage
<15:00>Residence time:approx. 120min./Soja-shi/

This is the mountain where the legendary ogre Ura is said to have lived. The enormous ancient mountain castle called Kinojo Castle once stood here. Today, a gate and corner tower have been restored.From the castle, you get a panoramic view of the streets of Okayama, which is where the legend is set. And on a clear day, you can see as far as Shikoku.
Okusaka Soja-shi Okayama Prefecture
Architecture/Japan Heritage
Opening Hours
【Mt. Kinojo Visitor Center】
9:00–17:00 (reception closes at 16:30)※Except Monday
Regular Holidays
【Mt. Kinojo Visitor Center】
・New Year's Holiday(12/29~1/3)
※In the case a holiday falls on a Monday, the center will be closed the following day. In the case consecutive holidays include a Monday, the center will be closed on the workday following the consecutive holidays.
Available for approx. 70 cars
●On foot…About 5km from the Hattori station on JR Kibi Line.
●By JR train…Get off at Soja Station.about 20 min by taxi from Soja Station.
●By car
 →Roughly 6km north of the Kokubunji interchange on Japan National Route 180.
 →Roughly 8km from the Okayama/SojaIC on the Okayama expressway.
 →Turn right at the exit of the Okayama/SojaIC,  and progress on the Japan National Route 180 toward Takahashi,  and head north for roughly 6 kilometers after the Kokubunji interchange.

※As the road on the 3 kilometers from Sunagawa Park to the Kinojosan Visitor Center parking lot is narrow, please take care.
※Only small buses with a width of 2.1 meters and total length of 7 meters or less can pass through.