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in Okayama

Kibitsuhiko-jinja Shrine

Shrine/Temple/Japan Heritage
【1day】<11:30>Residence time:approx. 30min./Okayama-shi/

This shrine venerates Kibitsuhiko-no-Mikoto. It was built as the Ichinomiya (first-ranked shrine) of Bizen Province and was the object of intense devotion. Ura-jinja Shrine, which venerates Ura, is also located within its precincts.
You should also see the peach-shaped fortune slips and offering boards!!
1043 Ichinomiya,Kita-ku Okayama-shi Okayama Prefecture
Shrine/Temple/Japan Heritage
About a 100 parking spaces are available. Parking large buses is possible.
(A temporary parking lot with 300 spaces is used on New Year. )
※The parking lot normally closes at 5 p.m.
※For arrivals after 5 p.m., please park on the side of the vehicle entrance path.
●By JR train
Take the JR Kibi line on the JR Okayama Station to the Bizen Ichinomiya Station. About 0.3km from the Ichinomiya Station. At a 3-minute walking distance.
●By car
→About 3.5 km from the KibiSA Smart IC (*Only for ETC / Available for use 6:00~22:00) on the San'yo Expressway towards Soja. (Turn right at Route 61 ~ National Route 180. Turn left at the intersection before Kibitsuhiko-jinja Shrine.)
→Follow the National Route 53 for about 2km from the Okayama IC on the San'yo Expressway to Okayama City, turn right on the intersection at Tsushima, and follow Route 180 towards Soja for 3.5km.
→Follow the National Route 180 from the SojaIC on the Okayama Expressway towards Okayama City for about 8km.