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in Okayama

Koikui-jinja Shrine(Koikui-jinja Shrine Ruins)

Shrine/Temple/Japan Heritage
【1day】<15:30>Residence time:approx. 60min./kurashiki-shi/

By transforming into a cormorant, Kibitsuhiko-no-mikoto was able to catch and vanquish Ura, who had changed into a carp to escape. Koikui-jinja Shrine was built to venerate the location where Ura was caught. There is also a burial mound from the Yayoi period here, and various artifacts have been unearthed.
The tiled roof of Koikui-jinja Shrine actually contains the shape of a carp. Can you catch (find) the carp?
109 Yabe kurashiki-shi Okayama Prefecture
Shrine/Temple/Japan Heritage